Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy

Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy was developed by Gerda Boyesen (1922 - 2005). Like other forms of Body Psychotherapy it has its roots in the work of Reich. It combines bodywork and psychotherapy and works on the premise that, as we live in our bodies, our emotional, mental and physical processes are always interdependent.

Throughout each session we use a mixture of the following; talking, movement, Vegetotherapy or psychotherapeutic touch. Choosing the methods is a collaborative process between the client and the therapist. It depends on what comes up through the work and what feels safe at any given moment.

Over time our stories manifest themselves in our bodies, Biodynamic work involves unlocking these patterns, bringing them into our awareness so that they can be looked at, understood, integrated, completed, or changed.

Biodynamic psychotherapy is an integrative approach, but it is centred around the belief that ‘expertise’ and ‘wisdom’ lie within the client. ‘It has humanistic philosophies at its roots and aims to work with a full range of influences to encourage the development of the individual, their relationship to others, and to society’ (Southwell, C. Salles, M. Tanguay, D and Steinberg, E. 2015). The core premise is that every person has the innate capacity for healing and heath given the right environment and circumstances.

Hannah is a director of Transitions, a community interest company that offers Biodynamic Psychotherapy and Psychotherapeutic Touch (massage) as well as Equine therapy and Forest School sessions. Hannah has a BSc in Psychology from the University of York. She is registered with the UKCP as a trainee Psychotherapist and she is in her final year of training at The London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy. Hannah is a fully qualified member of the Association of Biodynamic Massage Therapists.


For further information please visit or call Hannah on 07732864817