Holistic Therapies

Holistic Therapies at Vitality



Holistic natural hands on energy healing system to balance and lift energy levels reduce stress and aid natural sleep
(1 hour)

Thai hand and foot massage

This stimulating treatment stretches and massages lower legs feet and hands gentle pressure is applied along the reflex points improving circulation and boosting the immune system.
(45 mins)

Holistic facial

A rejuvenating treatment involving a sequence of massage techniques to oxygenate and invigorate facial muscles and the skin.
(1 hour)

Holistic back, neck and shoulder massage

A relaxing massage to soothe away tension, whilst calming the nervous system and removing toxins from the body.
(1 hour)

Indian head massage

A massage working on the head, shoulders upper back and neck to relieve accumulated tension stimulate circulation and restore joint movement. This treatment is used to aid the condition of the hair when combined with the use of natural organic oils.
(30 mins)

(45 mins, includes face)


Debbie Ross
C.M.A Registered
07971 826 267